TRX Qualifications

GRTC: TRX® Group Rip® Training Course

This 8-hour course teaches Rip Training fundamentals and how to apply them to group-training format.

STC: TRX® Suspension Training® Course

Introductory 8-hour course teaches the fundamentals of Suspension Training and how to incorporate them into your personal training practice.

RTC: TRX® Rip Training Course

This eight-hour course teaches Rip Training fundamentals and beyond.

GSTC: TRX® Group Suspension Training® Course

This 8-hour course brings TRX Suspension Training to the scale of group fitness classes.

About Me

NASM - CPT, CES 4th Degree Black Belt (TKD, DaeHanMooDo) Green Belt in Hapkido My goal is to pass along the knowledge of how you can still exercise even if you have injuries or ailments that individuals feel they cannot overcome. Everyone is capable of exercising with TRX/TRX RIP. If the exercise is to hard, regress! To easy progress! As long as good Technique is being maintained. "It's All About TECHNIQUE"

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